Can Instagram Followers Impact Your Marketing Success?
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Can Instagram Followers Impact Your Marketing Success?

The world is changing at a constant pace due to the speedy advancement of the internet. That, coupled with everyday technological advancements, our world has revolutionized. From the way we shop and communicate to the way we run our businesses, the impact is felt in our everyday lives.

The internet has managed to transcend the dimensions of time and space, narrowing the world down into a global village. This has allowed many businesses seeking to grow and remain viable to tap into the power of the internet. As a result, numerous business enterprises now their very own websites.

As much as a website is effective, digital marketers recommend utilizing social media platforms as well.  Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest just to name a few. However, recent research confirms Instagram as one of the top most effective social media platforms for marketing.

Let us take a look at why this is so.

Why Instagram Is An Effective Marketing Tool

The key when it comes to using a social media platform, for marketing is engagement. The more the engagement, the more growth your business is likely to experience.

According to, Instagram delivers more engagement than Facebook and Twitter. In fact, according to them, Instagram delivers approximately 120 times more engagement per person than Twitter. If you do the math, that’s a huge difference in terms of engagement, audience reach and interaction.

Now that we’ve seen the effectiveness of Instagram as a marketing tool, let us now look at why it’s important. In other words, let us take a look at why Instagram followers are important.

Brand Advertising Potential

We’ve already seen that Instagram has a higher engagement as compared to other social media platforms. That means, that it has a higher audience reach and interaction.

Recently, Instagram added a new feature that has the capability of increasing brand growth and success. It opened their platform for advertisers and advertisement opportunities. As part of this new feature, Instagram added a link that allows people to shop for the product being advertised.

Studies show that over 30% of Instagram users have purchased products advertised on their feed. Many business brands buy Instagram followers to increase their chances of success.

Increases Credibility

The more followers you have, the more credibility you have. There’s a direct correlation to the number of followers that you have, and the number of potential followers. Recent studies and statistics reveal that over 60% of users are more likely to follow an account with over 1000 followers.

Hence the reason most users and business brands buy Instagram followers. You can do this, but ensure that you get them from a top provider. Do not go cheap. Go for high- quality and real followers.

Followers Allow You To Jumpstart Your Page

As we’ve previously mentioned, the more followers you have, the more credible your brand is. Moreover, the more the followers, the more chances your page will become popular. Numbers tell a lot about the amount of influence you have as a brand.

This is especially important if you are new to Instagram, or you’re just starting your business. By buying Instagram followers, you create an illusion of influence. Moreover, users view your large following to mean that you produce valuable products or content.

In conclusion, buying Instagram followers is a viable strategy for business growth and visibility. However, ensure that you buy Instagram followers from a top provider. Ensure that you do not purchase them cheaper or at a discounted price. Why? Because fake followers can be easily spotted.

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