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As an artist, if you crave an identity and recognition among your target audience, then stepping up your game on Spotify is a must.

This audio streaming platform is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming services for budding artists. With more plays, they don’t just earn good money per Spotify stream but also gain a reputation among the community.

So, apart from getting organic Spotify plays, it is worth to buy Spotify podcast plays and escalate the growth. We are about to find out why!

buy spotify podcast plays

Why Should You Buy Spotify Podcast Plays?

Podcasts are popular over Spotify, as people love to listen to what artists and knowledgeable audio content creators have to say. But the problem lies when they cannot scale their podcasts, as they are new to the platform and industry.

It is better to have a kickstart to your podcasting career at the initial stage. And it is possible when you buy Spotify podcast plays from us. Your podcasts will reach a broader audience in no time. Your promotions and marketing strategies will work towards helping you earn your reputation.

Beyond that, here are a few reasons why you should buy Spotify podcast plays without second thoughts:

  • Popularity – Gaining popularity among the podcast community is important to survive as an artist in this industry. People tend to follow the popular podcast channels on Spotify. And the number of plays on your content will help them decide if you are worth following or not.
  • Profitability – Earning revenue collectively for more streams will be accessible when you buy Spotify podcast plays.
  • Savings – Save time and money on additional marketing and promotions for organic growth on your podcasts. Instead, an affordable package of podcast plays will do the job for you.
  • Increased Traffic – Get a good amount of traffic to your podcast content.
  • Reachability – With actual Spotify podcast plays, your content will be shared with a wider audience.

Why Buy Spotify Plays from Socmediamarket?

At Socmediamarket, we have flexible packages for all Spotify artists, whether a beginner or an established individual. We have curated packages that are affordable and offer good value. We are keen to offer the following:

  • Instant Delivery – We deliver the Spotify plays instantly, starting right after you confirm the order and make the payment.
  • Affordable Pricing – We have varying plans to support private artists and businesses. Referring to that, the price tags are nominal and competitive to the market.
  • Real People – Be assured that your podcasts will be streamed by real listeners and not bots. We assure you of rightful service delivery to justify the price paid.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – Our customer support team is available 24/7 to attend to your inquiries and queries. If you are struggling to access any of our services, get in touch, and our consultants will help you.

How to Get More Spotify Plays Without Buying Them?

It is always good to have accessibility to options for a quick start to the artistic career. But, it is even better if you can simultaneously keep up your organic efforts to achieve immense growth in a short time.

Therefore, now that you know how to buy Spotify plays and gain profit for your content, it is time you should focus on learning how to get them organically:

Set Up a “Spotify For Artists” Account

The first step towards being an artist over the platform is to create a “Spotify For Artists” account. It will help you claim your profile and utilize the artistry tools that Spotify has for you.

Promote a Playlist and Not Just a Song

Whether you create podcasts or songs, it is better to give your audience a good amount of content to consume. If you make music, it is better to have a playlist rather than just one song.

Similarly, podcasts should have episodes so that the listeners will have the curiosity to come back to your channel and listen to what you have to say next.

These strategies will help you hold onto your audience. And that is the key to getting more plays or streams and eventually good money.

Keep Releasing Consistently

Set a time window for yourself and keep creating and releasing content consistently. If you have the attention of your target audience, who are ready to support your art, then you must comply with their interests. Consistency is the key to success for artists with Spotify.

Final Thoughts

If you are a new artist on Spotify, it is of utmost importance for you to understand the platform first. You must listen to your fellow artist buddies and get an idea of the level you have to match.

Once you believe that your homework is done and you can produce quality content to be part of the community of artists, you can seek to buy Spotify plays to advance your career in it. It is worth buying streams, as it will help you kickstart your journey as an artist.


When Can I Expect Spotify Podcast Play Delivery?

We deliver the Spotify podcast plays instantly, starting right after you complete placing your order with us over the website. When the payment is processed and received by our system, we initiate the delivery of plays.

Is It Legal to Buy Spotify Podcast Plays?

Yes, it is legal to buy actual Spotify podcast plays. But, Spotify has a strict policy in its terms of service against botting, which is considered fraud. We offer you real listeners for your podcasts and music who will leave feedback and share your content.

How Many Plays is a Stream on Spotify?

30 seconds of playtime for any podcast or music is considered a stream. Spotify rewards its artists on a royalty basis per stream. The money gets added to their profile, which they can withdraw in the long run after they collect the minimum amount.

Is Buying Spotify Plays Safe?

Yes, it is entirely safe to buy Spotify plays if your music or podcast is being listened to by real people. But, if you are collecting fake or botted plays, you risk getting the song or podcast removed from the platform.

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