Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Buy Social Media Services From You?

It’s very easy. On the navigation choose what services do you need. Enter account details such as username or link. Checkout using one of the payment methods. That’s it, after successful payment, we will start to execute your order.

What Information Do You Require?

We never ask for social accounts passwords or any secret access. We just need to know account username/link. Your privacy is fully assured with us.

How Long Does It Usually Take?

Usually it will take less than 12 hours to start delivering your order. Packages marked as INSTANT, will start delivering instantly!

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept payments through safest payment processors online: Paypal/Stripe, all major credit/debit cards, Apple pay and Bitcoins.

Could My Account Get Suspended?

Absolutely no. It is completely safe to buy services from us. Our site is fully secured with SSL cerfiticates.

Can I Get A Refund?

Yes sure, a full refund is guaranteed, if we not deliver your order.